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In My Dreams

Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 99

In my dreams, of what I can remember. I could say they feel like some long lost memories that were buried deep down and are now trying to surface back. Back to haunt me, well not really but all those feeling that stayed lingering after I wake up. I could go to sleep perfectly fine and whether the dream is about a fight I wake up sore or if I dream about a happy moment I wake up happy and with a feeling I cannot explain within my chest. Lately they have stop I don't know why but its not like I miss them. Or do I ? Okay I might a little! Its just that those dreams feel important, they feel right, they make me fell good and I know I shouldn't expect anything.

Like Alexa said I need to get out of my cocoon and spread my wings. Mm, I wonder what she's doing right now I heard something about a club. What kind of a club? like after school? No, no I don't think so. I know she has more friends and if I remember correctly today, let me check my calendar. Whats!!! Today is her birthday!! How come I didn't remember it. Oh that explains everything.


I wasn't feel well these past days and completely ignored everything. I got to call her and make up for it.

*phone ringing*

Alexa: Hello there beautiful.

Me: Are you drunk already?

Alexa: Maybe?

Me: You silly goose. Why didn't you told me about today? I feel bad about it now. I'm sorry I remember your birthday late.

Alexa: Oh baby, don't be sorry. I know you haven't being feeling good and I know how your memory is right now. I didn't wanted to bother you about it that's why I came out with the girls like usual. Which you don't remember as well.


Me: Ah Of what you just said right now.

Alexa: Oops! Sorry I talked to much.

Me: No that's fine. Actually I kind of remember something. But we used to do that a lot right. Go out and have fun and the club....

Alexa: Do you remember?? OMG!!! do you know how happy that makes me.

Me: Hope as much happy as to come get me and take me with you!

Alexa: Really!!?? like for reals though?

Me: yes really I'll start getting ready ok. Let me know when your downstairs.

Alexa: Yay! okay whatever you say Boss. *clicks*

Boss?? ha ha That girl surely has that kind of attitude but now that I think about it she has been more careful about and with everything. I really hate it that I can't remember everything ever since I woke up from that coma. But somehow I feel differently.

*closes eyes and takes deep breaths*

Okay so what should I wear? I don't have long before she gets here. *sigh*

okay, okay what do I even have in my closet? Oh, wow! Now that I'm actually in my closet I have some pretty good things to wear and..... This is the one! shoes, shoes, which shoes? Boots?! Somehow I feel like wearing boots. *smirks* There are two things missing for a great night tonight.

*phone rings*

Alexa: I'm near the house hope your done. I figure you'll want a great night tonight to be. So I got some stuff and arrange everything just like before. so get your ass and come down okay. bye!

There she goes again doing whatever she likes but then again she knows me so well that I don't have to say anything or do anything. That is why she is y best friend. Well I think I'm done here just to get some money and leave the rest up to the mood.

*gets in the car*

Alexa: I figure if you could remember a bit why not go all out and see if you can remember more. So here cheers.

Me: where are the others?

Alexa: I sent them first. That way we don't have to stay in line for a long time.

Me: We never had to stand in line before so why now?

Alexa: *smiles* Well you are right on that. But they don't know that so I just played it normal you know like them.

Me: I get it and you should call and let them know we are coming. And we have a few friends too.

Ah how I miss this. Somehow, slowly I'm becoming me again.

If I remember correctly there might be something stash under here.

Well look at that I was right. Tonight definitely the night!....
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