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Introducing "After Adults"

Published by Ockham in the blog Ockham's blog. Views: 247

After Adults is currently planned as a five book series.

The story covers the years after a global pandemic kills everyone over the age of 18. Amidst the street gang warfare for resources and survival, a few large alliances have spawned in the eastern and central United States. These alliances begin a large-scale struggle for territory, resources, and the path of reconstruction. The final conflict of the series is which one of these major alliances will have the greatest control over the soon-to-be partially restored electrical grid.

Mixed in with the many interpersonal conflicts therein is the red eye effect. The virus that sparked the pandemic also created a trait in about 1 in 250 people where their speed, strength, endurance, and other related qualities were greatly increased. Different people and groups react to those with this effect differently, but there's an overarching attempt to get people with the red eye effect on their side. Many with the red eye are pushed into warrior positions; others are ostracized. This will have an effect later down the road.

The themes of identity and purpose are explored in the series. After all, when everything you once knew is taken from you, finding these things again is not easy.
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