Introduction to tetesie (Nearover RPG)

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First of all sorry this took my lazy butt so long...
I wouldn't worry about this to much it's just a basic break down of things


Tetesie is an earth like planet, this planet is built on the ruins of an old era that once held a vast technology. This planet boasts legend and three varieties of magic. Ranging from herbalists to the more destructive rune casting. The planet is home to five different forms of intelligent creatures. The Heckling, revitalises of the old ways and salvagers of the legendary Relic dolls. The Draycon, highly inventive and resourceful, with one of the greatest political and legal systems. The push forwards in advancements, both scientific and magical. The humans with the greatest arsenal and army on the planet. The humans are positive traders and weapons experts knowing how to use a weapon to it's full capacity. The Tortai, bountiful farmers that can make seemingly anything they touch grow. They boast powerful labourers and put the saying Rome wasn't built in a day to the test. They created the finest of anything. Tetesie's rarest natural creation is the Fragia tree and the scattered dead waste islands system that is bound with the Fragia roots.

Tetesie Boasts four different continents ranging from mountain scapes and wetlands, to thicket forests and arid salt wastelands. The warmer seasons bring about the time of the Iris moon, when the landscape is awash in purple light and the days sear the land with an unforgiving sun. The winter period called Soleste brings unrelenting monsoonal rains to most of the area.
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