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Invasion of Daley Farm - A Short Story

Published by GalwayGirl in the blog GalwayGirl's blog. Views: 256

Mr Daley died last winter leaving Mrs Daley a widow, her children were all grown and had moved away to big cities, no longer content on a small dairy farm in the english country side.
She milked the cows by hand, refusing to go against tradition. At the end of a long day her hands were sore and her back ached but she went to bed happy in the knowledge that every pint of milk she sold at the farmers market had been milked by her own hands, a whole lot of love went into one glass of fresh Daley Farm milk.

A beam of light fell from the sky one cold November night, landing in the field the cows grazed in during the long hot summer days. The wind howled and the shutters on the windows slammed against the wooden walls of the old Daley farm house.
The silhouette of a creature was lowered slowly down by the tractor beam into the middle of a crop circle left by beam.

The light vanished and the field was dark once more, in the middle of the crop circle sat a Dwarf Hotot, a small rabbit with white fur, long ears and large bright eyes. He stood on his hind legs, ears pointing straight up, nose twitching as he examined his surroundings.

The invasion had begun.

The Dwarf Hotot Rabbit hopped silently through the field towards the Daley farm house, when a light flicked on in the kitchen stopping him in his tracks, he lay low to the ground the grass blowing in the breeze tickling his belly. He waited with bated breath his nose twitching, listening to the movement inside the house, shuffling of feet a fridge door opened, the bottles rattled inside and a woman yawned and the light went out.

Daris had escaped from his home world with a band of rebels, opposed to the Vulpini regime, a tribe of Foxes that had invaded his world many years ago, taking the strongest from each Hotot family to build their temples, those who refused were eaten, the invading armies had all but destroyed his planet and now Daris longed for a new world he and his people could call home, free from the rule of the Vulpini, where the threat of death if they did not comply with the new order no longer loomed over their heads.

And thats as far as I got, just an idea. Who knows if it will blossom into something more?
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