It's 3:11 in the morning and...

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...I don't think I'll be getting any sleep tonight/today. Tomorrow I'll go to the lake, then go watch Kemistery practice before getting home and pretending to sleep again.

Though I wonder sometimes why God would create sleep, I sometimes find myself wondering even more why he created people. If all we do is make trouble for him, why bother?

Eh, but who needs sleep? I've been up for almost 53 hours, and I'll likely only get a couple tomorrow. I could be spending this time writing, but I don't have anything to write about. I could be reading my Bible, but I'd rather complain about nothing.

So I think I'll just read some Hawthorne before laying down and attempting sleep. Good ol' Nate keepin' me company before I hit the hay.

And for anyone crazy enough to read this, I'm sorry I wasted your time. Maybe next time you'll learn that my blogs amount to little more than my random ranting.
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