Jealousy rears it ugly head

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firstly i am by no means perfect. i am just a normal human being like everyone else. just had to say that:redface:

anyway so today was supposed to be the day that i asked the girl that i liked out to lunch and as these things always have a habit of biting me in the ass it did just that. i was there ready and poised, the conversation was good and everything was perfect...until he came.:mad: he calls himself Delicious, dont know where that came from but anyway, this guy arrives on the scene and all her attention just shifts in the other direction. we were sort of seated from left to right with "delicious" on the far right, the girl i like (lets call her keira) sitting in the centre and me talking into her back while she giggled at everything he said.:(

so ol' ''delicious" starts showing off pics of his girlfriend and im a bit more at ease thinking keira's done herself in but to the contrary she almost drools over the screen. i got up and went to the toilet. splashed water on my face before i said something i'd have regretted.

my friend asked me if i had feelings for her and i kept quiet. is it normal to feel jealous like this even though you're not actually ''with'' someone and how do i fix it because these feelings aren't going away they get stronger every time i try to ask her out. right now i am unsure whether she likes me or whether she's just toying with me. is it advisable to ask one of her close friends to do a reconnaissance mission for me behind enemy lines or should i confront her myself?

is this normal behavior or am i just over-reacting?
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