Just finished a fantasy story!

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Actually, I finished it two days ago. It's almost 4,200 words long and was written over a two-day period. Since I plan to get it published into a fantasy magazine of some kind, I won't post it on the forums yet, but if it gets consistently rejected then I might upload it onto Scribd.

The protagonist is Chollo, a human warrior who has been hired by elves to fight rebellious orcs. The elves promise that they will feed his starving people in exchange for his service, but Chollo finds himself in a conflict of consciences that will determine the fate of tribes...

The thing I wish to brag about my own story is that I've subverted the fantasy cliches affecting each of the races featured (elves, orcs, and humans). In my story, the elves are the bad guys, the orcs are the more sympathetic faction, and the humans are all black people rather than the usual medieval Europeans. I subverted these stereotypes because I've never liked how in most fantasy the "pretty" elves were supposed to be good while the "ugly" orcs were evil, and I've always been fascinated with non-European cultures.

Anyway, wish me good luck on getting my story published!
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