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So... I just broke up with my fiance about 2 days ago. He threw me outa my own apartment (I'm not on the lease, but all my stuff's there, including my cats and just paid rent) and I'm going to have to show up with a cop to get my things...
I thought it would be calming to get on a writing site and start posting some stuff, just to get my feelings out. I wanted to put a pic of myself on the profile and... well... I just went to go grab my zipdrive off my keyring to do so... cuz I don't have any of my zillion pictures and I realized that during the fight, not only did he take my housekey, but my zipdrive that he gave me two days after we met.
I'd like to know what exactly, and I sure don't mean to sound as depressed as I currently am, possesses people to 1.)Cheat on a lover 2.)Feel they have the right to drag past romantic issues into current relationships. I understand that everything is cicumstantial but come on...
I've... never been so in love in my life. I've also never been so angry at someone I love so much. I guess that's WHY I'm so angry.
I'm really hurting right now. I guess that's what happens when you look at copper and mistaken it for gold. I definately went all out for this dude and I haven't a thing to show for it. I have a now ex-best friend and a lot of wasted money and time. I keep trying to tell myself that just because you put your heart into someone and they mess it up, it doesn't mean that I'm stupid for doing it.
And that's what everyone keeps telling me to tell myself.
And I'm trying. :(
I know that I am young and that there's going to be other and hopefully better love in my life... but it's so hard right now, especially when I was so sure about this one. I duno... everytime I wake up... thing's just look worse.
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