Knowing your limits- and breaking them

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School's started. We're now in our fourth or fifth week, I'm tired of it already. The weekend school started, I ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. At the time that I ran it, all I felt was pain- excrutiating, unbearable pain. My legs felt like they could pop out of their sockets, my hips felt like they were cracking with each step I took. I finished that half marathon. I've never felt better about anything I've ever done. It's amazing what your body can accomplish when you refuse to set yourself limits; when you break through the pain barrier. On the second day of school, my body still aching everywhere its not supposed to, I joined my school's film club. There were alot of people on that first day, though many of them have left now. It was apparent immediately that I was apart from everyone else- most of these kids are seniors, juniors. masters of their craft, people who can do things with cameras and computers I could never hope to accomplish. It was also disheartening that almost everyone claimed to be able to write screenplays, not a menial task; along with whatever film talents they had, often acting or editing. I knew that I had to present myself in the best light i could; writing was the only trick I had up my sleeve. When it came time to introduce myself, I stated that I was a writer. But I wasn't just any writer. I was the best. The film club teacher, who also happened to be my english teacher, backed me up. On the first day of school, we had to write free writing journals in english. After looking through the entries to find one to read aloud, he picked mine first; and read it to all of his subsequent classes after. The first thing he said about my work was "Wow. This kid can write." And he didn't hesitate to tell the same to the rest of the film club. I read to them my synopsis for the idea I wanted filmed in the club, noticing quickly I had been the only one to have an idea ready, much less a synopsis written. I was ecstatic when I learned that I was going to be a team leader, and my film was going to be made. I'm the youngest team leader in the history of the film club. Normally only the seniors; the kids who have been tried and true in the club, are team leaders. A good man knows his limits. A great man breaks them.
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