Lately I've Been looking for another job...

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...and it ain't no fun. Being 17 (at least for another four months) is a major disadvantage, but now I have to contend with sexism? I applied at this day care place, right? Go in there, ask for an app (after asking if they're hiring) and the lady's all like:

"Oh, um...We don't really"

Yeah. I kid you not. I have almost a year's experience working at another daycare-like place, but no, they just pass up on next to free help for the simple fact that I have testicles? Okay...

Whatever man.

But it's not all frowns, I got a couple interviews (one that canceled, the other is later in the week) and a possible straight hire from Pac-Sun of all places. =D

So I guess all is well.
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