Life as a Leech

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I am at my aunt's place again. I think it was nice of me not to visit her two days in a row, don't you? ;D She always tells me I can come every day but I would feel terrible if I did that. I mean, all I do here is play their computer, eat their food, and leave without contributing anything. I can't even talk to them as my Polish speaking skills are very limited. If I were bilingual my life here would definitely be much easier. The next time I'll visit will be Thursday, I suppose. I would have liked to come on Friday so I could watch Pandora Hearts but apparently my headphones don't work with their computer? I guess that means I shall have to be reacquainted with internet cafes. D:

I frown upon the cruelties of life...

Also, everytime I write something it never lives up to my expectations. Maybe I'm too critical, but I feel like the words on the page are absolutely horrid. I think my writing is much better when it's typed and not hand written, but this could just be denial.

The thing is, I'll be a failure if I'm not good at writing. I don't have anything else to fall back on. All my life I've wanted to be a writer; everyone who knows me insists that this dream will come true.

But what does anyone know about anything, really?

I am also concerned about my rat Alice. She keeps sneezing/snuffling. Hopefully she doesn't have mycoplasmosis. It's dormant in all rats but if she has an active outbreak it'll be really bad. Vets in Poland...don't seem too knowledgeable. They couldn't even sex my cousin's kitten properly. She's a girl, not a boy!

I'll stop here. Tomorrow I'm going to Empik for a reading binge. Maybe I'll be inspired...
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