Listen To The Moon

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Late one night, so late, it was early, I went out to my deck. There was a pinkish glow from the street light in front of the house behind mine. But it only reached so far. Then the shadows began, the shadows, where you could see the clouds.

The sky was a darkish blue, grey colour. Clouds covered it. And as I sat there, I looked up into the sky, searching for the stars. There were few, but the one's that were there, they were always there. They were the stars you could rely on to be there each and every night. Never leaving.

Sitting there, thinking, the sky soon began to resemble things. And as the clouds that crossed the moons path disappeared, more resemblance came. These clouds, you could see them, clear as day, when they weren't in the moons light. But once they reached the moons light they appeared, to have disappeared, until they completely crossed the moons path and re-appeared on the other side.

There were a few clouds, they were a different kind of cloud. They didn't disappear in the moons light. Instead, they showed themselves, they didn't hide in the light, and appear in the shadows. They appeared in both. Though they became transparent, they appeared.

The clouds that totally covered the moon caught my attention the most. They came along, and they completely covered the moon. To a point where the sky looked moonless, lightless .. lifeless.

And as the tears began to stream down my face, as they do now. A whole new meaning came to the clouds, and the moon. These clouds, they covered the moon, you couldn't see it, .. you couldn't hear it. And what are you to do when you can't hear the moon? It means you have to listen to the clouds, or listen to nothing. But what you really want to do is tell the clouds to move, tell them to go away so you can hear the moon. And they obey your secret wishes for glimpses of time. That glimpse is soon gone though.

Its hard to listen to the moon with the clouds there. But if you try, really try, some nights, you can just hear it. Sometimes, it has a message to be deciphered, and if you don't decipher it correctly, it could change everything, and if you do decipher it correctly, you may not always like what you hear.

And when the realization hits you, and hits you hard, sometimes, listening to the moon hurts.
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