Long Unexpected Change

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Alas! I'm back! Well kinda...

Sorry to all the people who have been checking this page looking for updates on my book that I've been writing. I've been rather busy lately.

Although I've just finished my finals and therefore will be on reviewing as well as working on my book some more.

BUT... I have some unexpected news...

I have recently switched my major in college as well as transfered to the UK to continue my studies.

I was originally in Accounting as well as Journalism in College but I have felt called to switch to the Medical Field for quite some time now. At least a year as gone by that I've been thinking about doing this as well as talked to many people..family and friends about it to get their opinion of it.

So..therefor I've gone into Practical Nursing and then RN after and whatever else I feel like raising it to.

I'm very excited for this change in my life and can't wait to challenge myself!

Well I just thought I'd share this new chapter in my life and hope to talk to you all soon. Happy reviewing and writing everyone! :D

OH and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!
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