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Lore of Exzalia, Fable of Lethross

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 264

It opened it's mouth and swallowed the fish, it was not satisfied.

So it opened it's mouth again and swallowed the first sea, and then the second.

But it was still hungry, so again it opened it's mouth and swallowed the seventh sea, it seemed it would swallow all of Exzalia.

The mers cried out to it their god, to have mercy on them.

O Lethross thou great leviathan will you swallow all of us as well?

But he heeded not our calls, we were all but doomed.

But alas! a hero appeared as it again opened it's maw.

Misven charmer of the waves.

Magic poured from her lips like honey and drifted into the wind,

A song, a song she sang! Exzalia's first siren.

She sang all day and all night as Lethross devoured the seas and then,

Eyes larger than mountains began to close, it's maw as wide as the sky shut tight.

It sank beneath what is left of Exzalia's seas

And now Lethross the great, slumbers at the bottom of Exzalia's deepest trench.

three oceans, still in its bowls.

Who dares wake him?
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