Lost one!

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So, I wanted to write here everyday. And then I missed one! So I'm gonna write two pieces today. I already wrote the short story, and here is the daily rant. Missing days isn't forreign to me. Last month I managed to loose two whole days. I was wholly convinced it was Monday, while it was Sunday. And the a Wednesday just up and left...I had no idea where it went. And I still don't.

I gave up on the "Crossing Lines" series. I mean, it's a good series but it didn't engage me that much. So now I've moved on to "Criminal Minds". Ive seen it before, well some of it. But I love it. As I've harped on about before, I love how the minds works and why we think like we do. Of course none of these shows are likely to be 100% accurate, but it's still interesting to watch. The characters are engaging!

My situation seems to slowly start to solve itself, well... not by itself. It has help from me and some of the people who care a lot about me. Now will follow a waterfall of doctors appointments and a stream of people who seem to have gotten their diplomas at the back of a milk carton that want to tell me what's wrong with me. I have high hopes that this time will be better though. So here's to hoping.

Rant over!
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