Love Hurts

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So many loves i thought i had
Each one caused me endless pain
Feeling solemn, sweet and sad
Trying to forget their names

Each one lied a lovers lie
One that burned so brutally
That though so many tears i cry
Each one i cry so futilely

Did noone tell them it's a sin
to lie and break another's heart,
To know them well, outside and in
and then to suddenly depart?

Oh saints, oh god, oh please do tell
Why is it that they hurt me so?
Im sure i've served my time in hell
Why then will my heart not let go?

For want of love i've suffered this
I never asked for much at all
Just for one true lover's kiss
Yet into this abyss i fall

Someday my heart must end this search
but untill then, i know love hurts.
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