Love to murder my darlings

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Sometimes a realization just strikes you about something about you writing. Something is off. A darling of some kind to kill off. Most often it feels so good doing it. So good.

Last night, just before bed a realized:

”Hey. I don't want to do any world building. I don't want to introduce a setting painfully and slowly. Not in this project at least.”
And fell asleep with a smile.

Well. There will have to be some world building, if you going to introduce any fantastical elements to a modern day setting, but not the painful kind. Just go trough logical chains of consequence s and sorting things out.
But i got rid of the half military setting that wasn't appealing to me. And the near future with most structured of society as we know it today changed... And people with really ****ed up values and...

One of my strengths as a writer is mixing the fantastic and the everyday elements in way that get under your skin. Is were to work in anything else then a setting that in many ways wasn't close to everyday life i would lose that strength. I love killing darlings.

Now I'm going to go trough my five last story embryos, identifying out bit and pieces I like about them and using that insight to create something new. A meaningful whole fitting the criteria ”People will be sitting on buses, doing their dishes, eating toast and make choices echoing our every day choices.”

Damn. I love killing my darlings.
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