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Love I rarely feel
Isn't that just so sad?
How I have lost the
ability to love?

It's rare that I
love something I understand
love, I understand that
I may love my parents
but that's just it
simply just that
an understanding
of love

But then I met
the devil's woman everything
she says is toxic and
yet I live on her
every word and her
toxic breath

She makes ancient feelings
coming from my soul
she makes this understanding
an actual feeling
but now now that we are
with each other
talking to each other
it's apparent to me
that I need to be
the man

But how is that possibility?
Is this why I stopped loving?
Because there was no
equality a woman was allowed
to say how she felt, get angry
say what she wanted to say
and a man was to say silent

Is this why I resent her?
Because I am an opinion
I am not the usual man
But the more and more
she talks to me
the more and more she gets mad
at me I'm slightly attracted
when she is mad

When she gets mad
I want her to get angrier
and I feel love again
I resent and love her
like some mixing bowl
that just has random

It's the devil's kiss
I sold my soul to
take pleasure in this
Am I simply insane?
Have I lost my humanity?
I wonder
But then what is it to
be human?

What is it to love?
What is it to hate?
What is it to resent?
These questions are questions
that can be asked, but never

But I know I am
not mad or I hope
I am not mad
I hope I haven't clearly
lost my mind
simply from one simple
presence of the devil's
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