Madonna with the Golden Arms

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Madonna with the golden arms, K lined in all
your special charms, lift my dark regretamine
and restore my shredded soul.

I’ll sleep the righteous torpid haze; K holed
in cosmic Ketamine, respiration eats my thoughts.
I’m as big as God and a vectored nought.

Flickering in my purple fog, I inhaled the trip,
tripphendrix. And for all the worlds my fingers
brushed I found no end of Katie’s tricks.

Ketapillar! I then climb the couch to shift my
mind and make it bounce, the goddess played
her challenge out. My the door knobs turned to
something else.

I took and crystals solid dose and burned away
the inner ghosts. But Ket land is where I’m haunted
most, by riddle telling therianthropes.

Unicorn splashed with Kate once more, she’s with
me as I search for more. We’ll Ketaspin into that hole
once more; who needs this world? We have our score.

Madonna with the golden arms embrace me with your
certainty, please free my chained reality. Restore my
shredded soul.
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