Make mine a Club Spam-wich.

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I've a few reasons for posting this, and choosing to post it on a my blog. Technically, I suppose it's spam, but I'm pretty sure I can spam my own blog...

I'm just going to cut to the chase. :p

Late last year I started building a website based around an existing blog I had elswhere and primarily just shared with friends. It is, admittedly, a vanity project, and I have no grand illusions of recieving accolades - I just wanted to share the site... (It's a series of romantic fairytales based around five main characters, and told in an episodic format, from the perspective of any of the main characters). If anyone out there is interested...yay. XD
(Also, even though I haven't posted any of the episodes that require it yet, I need to issue a warning for mature content).

It's not quite finished yet, but it's close to being so - or at least it's about as good as I can make it with my miniscule knowledge on website building :redface: - and if anyone does take a look I'd be more than grateful for any feedback on how I can improve it.

Lastly, one of the things I'd really love to do there is collect a variety of visual art to feature in a gallery. If you're an artist with a flair for fantasy, of just like drawing fairies and such, and don't mind your work being featured on the site (fully credited, with links to any of your own sites, like Deviantart), well...that would be awesome. :D

My site is Tales from the House of Sunsets

My most sincere and humble thanks to anyone that does decide to take a look.
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