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It started the day I took a personality test, "Which Twilight Character Are You?" Well I was Bella Swan...I bet everybody gets to be Bella if they identify as female. So I took a different one, "What do you smell like to Edward Cullen?" I smell like strawberries...whatever the hell that means. I was kinda getting sick of that, so I took a different one, "Are You Team Edward or Team Jacob?" I like the underdog, so I was predisposed to be on Jacob's Team and the test only confirmed I TOOK ANOTHER ONE!!! Big surprise, right? I promise it's the last one.

"Which Twilight Guy's the Right One For You?" I wanted Emmet. EMMET, I TELLS YA! But I got, "Hello, Mrs. Jacob Black."


But then I got to thinking...what would Twilight have been like if their was a female character who had imprinted on Jacob? Do you think Bella would have made it to Eclipse? I would think not...Think about it, a shape-shifting, love sick teenaged girl watching the love of her life fawning over some weirdo vamp lover. But what's worse is when you know the truth
he's not even in love with BELLA, he's in love with one of her eggs and one of Edward's little swimmers
. I would have been waiting in the wings to eliminate the little hussy, her blood-sucking stalker be damned!

But alas, there was no such character...:( Oh well, at least these tests weren't like the other celeb personality tests I took, "Who Is Your Celebrity Prom Date?" and "Which Jonas Brother is Right for You?" I got the youngest Jonas Brother (Nick is it?) both fricken' times

Blarg a farg!
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