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Drowning, sinking, feelings I get,
I know that I can't forget,
Things that have happened,
These past few years,
I know I'm responsible for my tears.
Why can't it all just go away,
Maybe it will somehow, someday.
Things that will haunt me,
From my past, I want it to disappear fast,
I want to become all I can be,
I want to be free, but free isn't me.
Until that day comes, I sit here.
Wondering what's next to fear.
As I look in the mirror, I see my lies,
They hide behind my silent cries.
Out in the open, my smile hides,
all the unhappiness, the emptiness behind my eyes,
But putting on that mask,
It can be loneliest task,
For no one knows, but me, my fears, my tears,
They hide away,
Hoping that in some way,
This world will bring a better day,
Where I wont have to hide,
I'll maybe even be happy inside,
Drown out all the demons inside,
Behind my eyes, my mask, my lies.
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