Math Hammocks

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I’ll write till my hands fall off
I’ll sing till I cant breath the salt
Rich air where the sea spray speaks.

And move to where ice sticks out
From under your noses breathe
Where my mustache does no more then my bare lip.

Windy treetops, mesas and pine
Scattered deer and bear in the bush
Till my feet fall, and my shoes weather into the soil

Where my reflection sees me every chance its gets
Where mirrored pools deny audience to the idle
Desert dunes in between them and me

Return to empty cottages beside streams
Where I’ll wash my clothes in the spring
And wake up to suburban living.

I’ll walk and write and speak
Change my pace when opposites meet
Go off into the thicket where I lose myself
Where bears and pools are scared to venture
And objective life dies in sunless shrubs

I know the way out, map and compass too
I know the world that’s waiting
Where the sun hits yellow almost everyday
And white clouds rain soft

In the thicket I’ll wander
Paradise to the oblivious
The first step doesn’t come along
My feet still solid and together

When I’m ready to burn my hands
Into calloused badges
I deny myself the gift

Till I push with all my appendages
There is no where else to go
No love beyond the thicket
Undecided between dreams and spectre’d reality
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