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Messing with the flow

Published by bucket in the blog bucket's blog. Views: 86

A certain facet of my personality that many destest about me is my desire to argue, and more importantly, disagree with the norm. I can't help but feel scorn and distaste of those who submit so willingly and entirely to conformism, and try so desperatly hard to fit in.

I suppose, however, that I can't entirely critisize conformism because to an extent its part of human nature, and I myself am somewhat a victim to its malevolent power. However, there is a point where one should strive to quench the thirst, and not drown yourself fully in what you think will impress your peers.

I don't know why I've grown up so desperate to non-conform. It's probably something to do with my childhood, as many parts of our personalities are shaped during that period, but I will probably never know for sure. I do know, however, that I will never be content to simply "stick with the status quo" as High School Musical preaches. I will always be one to "mess with the flow."
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