my best friend

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A girl with short brown hair ran up to me and embraced me."Hi,'' she said weakly.''hi' whats wrong,'' i asked.i wondered what it could be we had spent the whole summer together and we couldnt have had more fun by the lake or the movies."i have something i've been meaning to tell you for awhile,'' She told me.She seemed upset and very nervous.''Im going to die that was our last summer together thats why spent the whole summer with you,'' she said sadly.i was in complete and utter shock.''what?''i asked.'' i have breast cancer,'' she explained.''They tried everything i cant be cured im sorry,'' she said plain and simply.''how can you be so calm about this,'' i asked her."'youre dying,'' said.''i have to deal with it,'' she told me.''i have no choice,''she said.i cried so hard into her shoulder and i felt a long black hole of depression overcome me.Then i felt like i would remember this moment forever.
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