My Discovery

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Ha! I am so happy right now!

I was searching around Google this morning, and as I was snooping for helpful hints for writing a novel, I stumbled across a website by Simon Haynes. He had some really good articles contatining the helpful hints I wanted.

But then I found MORE! I found that he'd created a software program called yWriter that helps categorise everything and anything in your novel! And so I sat here thinking "Wow! I have to get this program!" So I searched on Ebay (my first point of call whenever I want something!) but I couldn't find it.

My heart sank a bit, but pulled right back up again when I simply googled 'yWriter' and found that it was FREE to download it from Simon Hayne's website!

Fantastic! I'm so excited, I'm using it right now. Writers Block? What writers block?

I recommend yWriter to any one wanting to write a novel! It's amazing!

Hehe....well I'm off to enjoy my wonderful discovery now so I'll post later!!

Tiff :D
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