My First Character

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My first real entry in my blog.

Y'know, for the longest time there's been a character that has been near and dear to my heart: Heridon Copper.

I made him up after reading the third Harry Potter book for the first time in 2003. I got stricken with "The Writing Bug" as they called it and wondered if I could do something with Heridon.

Heridon's been everything. He's been a boy, an adult, an elf, captain of a space ship, everything. I would think up of glorious adventures to put him in. He was...badass. My own little Chuck Norris, no I'm wrong, he was better than Chuck Norris. He was Napoleon, Leonidas, and Teddy Roosevelt all wrapped up into one. Powerful, courageous, and cunning.

As I got older, I stopped thinking about Heridon, yet he is so engrained into my memory that once every now and then, I think about him. I smile as nostalgic creeps over me. Heridon "badass" Copper comes back, if only for a few minutes, to entertain me before departing once again.

So, how about you? What was your first character?
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