My Little Big Accident

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Recently me and my friends were struck with a an irony that almost killed us. We decided on one fateful day to go out to our regular bar and see if we could stay sober since everytime we go there things always get out of hand and we end up having to call someone to drive us home:D. It was a noble idea and i was all for it. So we went out and had a great time even without drinking and one of my friends actually worked up the courage to talk to his crush.

So at about 3am we decide to go home after having an awesome night. As we are driving we come to an intersection where the lights are green for us. As we cross a large SUV comes belting through and T bones our little Nissan. Fortunately for us the driver hit mostly the front of our car and it was not a direct hit.

The great irony which we later laughed about was that we were hit by a drunk driver:p Luckily no one was seriously wounded. My two friends had a few bruises and bumps but were okay. I on the other hand was closest to the impact zone in the passenger seat and only succumbed to a minor comminuted fracture in my left arm and a compound fracture on the lower part of my left leg. The doctors assure me i'll be fine:D

The driver of the other vehicle was okay too and comes to apologize everyday (probably until i get discharged) and my friends have been awesome about it making sure they come and see me twice a day.:)

i wishh i had some cool quote to put at the end of this but alas i have none:p
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