My Right Eyebrow

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My right eyebrow is slightly lower than the left.
So is my right eye.
My left nostril is just a tiny bit larger than my right.
My left ear is just a fraction higher then the right one.
My pectoral muscles are very, very, symmetrical.
My six-pack is not.
When I go to the gym, some guys have the six pack where each little can sits perfectly next to its mate.
Some guys have a six pack where the cans are slightly staggered.
Mine is the slightly staggered kind.
I have a scar on my right leg that I got in seventh grade when I was walking to band class with my friend, Tina.
My compass for geometry class had poked out of my bag which I was swinging around and without realizing it I slashed my leg open on the thing.
It's only an inch long, bit I remember the cut being very deep.

I am asymmetrically perfect.

My imperfections make me unique and give me grace.
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