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My third day w/o internet...

Published by burned_out in the blog burned_out's blog. Views: 99

I am technically going crazy. Can't write, can't post anything unless I walk two miles to my grandparent's house. Its worth it to get on here though.

I started my break on Thursday, and I still have til Tuesday, which is so much better than just one day like we got last year.

I have two creative writing pieces due Tuesday for my accelerated English class, and I'm struggling for ideas.

One, I have to write a short story for song lyrics, which I have chosen Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. Good song, but having trouble.

Second, I have to edit and re-write a nonfictional personal story I wrote about two months ago, and I'm not sure I want to keep it. Ugh, I hate school.

Oh well. I can get it done. I should go work on my project...=/
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