Myself and the biased world, I think...

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What is it with people asking for permission to write?

I'm sure we've all seen threads that start with something like "I've thought of this idea for a story/novel...", I don't dislike threads like this, I've asked for help myself, what gets on my nerves is when people write stuff like "so, it's this okay?" "is it interesting?"

It gets on my nerves because it's like they're asking permission to write the story, just write it dammit!! You can find by yourself whether it's interesting or not! Instead of asking something to make the story better, an opinion about the characters, the theme, the grammar, the tone, they ask whether it's original....come on!! Nothing is really original if you think about it!!

Widely speaking, there is only a handful of stories, whether it's 3 or 7 or whatever, deep down whatever you write is not original. Deal with it.

That's something else that gets on my nerves, at the minimum imply that a story may be plagiarized or even inspired by someone else's work, the original poster who asked for help goes on a rage on how his/her story is completely original. You asked for help, you got it, so it's not the praise you expected, deal with it too.

Everyone's view is biased. That's what I think. It does matter if you're thirteen or thirty or if you're Irish or Mexican, your view of the world is different, even if just by the thought that coffee sucks. That gives in-sight on why you write your stories the way you do, age does matter also in the sense of maturity, especially because I don't by that **** of fourteen year olds being as mature as adults, but that's just me.

I'll stop ranting here because my copy of "The Last Unicorn" just arrived, feels good to let out some steam and poison. Remember that this rant is not directed to you you. Don't bother responding if all you want to argue is how wrong I am.
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