Nappies/diapers they need changing

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Nappies They Need Changing

His bathrobe...
where he left it;
hangs behind the bathroom door.
Some shirts still in a draw.

That special family portrait haunts me,
as does the double bed.
At night I caress the pillow,
on which he had lain his head.

Unpaid bill are mounting.
I'm always in the red.
I juggle with priorities but,
the children must be fed.

Sammy's in his playpen.
The twins frolic about the floor
Claire cries, 'Where is my daddy?'
I miss him more and more.

I take Claire to my bosom
and softly stroke her brow.
'Hey! come help me make the tea,
I have a jar of chicken spread.'

Nappies they need changing
There's washing to be done.
Cooking, shopping, cleaning...
for my children I'll be strong.

I hear footsteps on the gravel path.
He's standing by the door,
with a large bouquet of red roses
and a bottle of Chardonnay.

'Oh darling! how I've missed you.
May I come back to stay?
My angel, if you'll forgive me,
I promise no more to stray.'

To this; I have no answer;
I've heard it all before.
With passion, temper, anger,
I slam the bloody door.
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