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Never Let this Fade

Published by Fullmetal Xeno in the blog Fullmetal Xeno's blog. Views: 211

Never let this Fade,
me and you had it made.

We could of became one,
you and me.

Sitting by the tree,
the leaves, so fresh, so free.

I could stare at the stars,
between close and far,
from your porch to your car.

Looking at you, eyes blazing
nothing could be more amazing.

I get lost in you,
so immersed and so real.
I can't express how i feel.

I want you to stay,
even in the gray.

Please stand by me,
i become so alone.

I remember the day we met, near the gray house.
Yes, yours.

The house that we shared our most precious memories.
Me, you and your twin friends.
How could this all end?

Wait, before you leave, i have one last thing to say.
You can always visit me in May.

You could come back, to relive those great times.
Now it feels like a constant chime.

I can almost feel the serene moments.
Why can't you stay?
Just for one more day!

How could you leave so soon?
I guess im gazing too far to reach for the stars or shoot for the Moon.

All im trying to say is, you mean the world to me...

One look and the next thing i know,
you are gone.

I jump feet first into the snow,
just thinking of you now.
Wait does it mean to feel alone?

I will relive and never forget, can you make me that promise?
Before our final goodbye,
the last glimpse of your auburn eyes.
I just want to say how much i miss you.
I want you to stay here so badly,
but theres nothing i can do.

That's life i guess,
man this is such a mess!

Life goes on, you know?
I look back and think... did this really mean everything that i would of hoped it to be?
Was it really the greatest gift?

To me, it is.
Just wait one more moment, look into my eyes.
Hear me when i say never let this fade away...
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