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New Job!

Published by ClusterChuck in the blog ClusterChuck's blog. Views: 126

Trading in managing haitian at a Deli that only serves retired jews that surround me in this coastal hell north of Miami.

Trading in food service for security. Trading my temp chart for a tazer. My hair net for a patrol car.

I'll be partrolling a set of car dealerships on a grave yard shift. On my own, no customers.... This is a really good feeling. I highly suggest quiting any field you hate even if you worked your way up a bit. It'll never change. Management works like dogs at this deli and get treated like dog for it by the higher up.

So quit and drive headlong into the unknown entry level of a completely alien field.

Security liscenses are reasonably cheap and job availability is high in florida by the way if anyones in the area.
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