Not even close to about writing.

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On a writing forum, I rarely post much that doesn't have to do with my writing, however, I have to talk a bit about my last couple of days. On Thursday evening, I rushed to the hospital to be by my father's side while my Grammy had brain surgery after a serious fall. It is still not loking so good. I am writing to comment on the truth of my signature.

I walked into my house, in which I currently live with a dear friend, and simply told him that I needed to go; he watched my kids and never batted an eyelash. The next day, another good friend arrived at the hospital and took me down to the cafeteria. SHe knew that I needed ae friend and not to have to deal with family further. In the late evening a call to yet another good friend netted someone to talk to so that I could stay awake. Another watched the kids after school without so much as a complaint.

I am lucky to have amazing friends who have my back no matter what! Thanks guys. And everyone else, "Never doubt the presence of true friends." An Emily special.
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