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Not ready!! Chapter 2

Published by Maria Navis in the blog Maria Navis's blog. Views: 161

Nithya's heart was racing fast. "Am I ready for the long term commitment?" She thought within herself. " Am I ready to shoulder responsibilities? Will I lose my freedom? Is it too late for me to think?" Several questions ran across her mind. Ninita, her friend who is a mother of two added fuel to the fire. " I think your decision to get married soon is really weird. Marriage is a crap. In a year, we lose ourselves and end up looking after babies. Anyways I wish you best of luck" saything this she started running behind her 2 year old son.

Nithya, then decided ," Ok, it is better to be late than never. I am not ready. Am gonna stop it".

She then went to her dad and explained that she was not ready and wanted to quit. Her parents were shocked. She did not stop with this and she went on to convey this to Adithya. On seeing her in the bridal dress, Adithya opened his mouth to express his love for her but before that she started to break his love. "Sorry Adithya, I think I need more time. I cannot be a perfect wife. I feel the pressure on my head" He was shocked. So were his parents and the guests. He tried to make things possible but she was stubborn enough and refused the marriage and flew away from the scene immediately.

Adithya felt his heart broken. For the first time ever in his life, he has to face this failure. He felt like the world is going to end. His parents were heart-broken too. The life that lies in front of him looked vague. He did not know what to do. He sat quietly as all the guests departed.


See you soon in a new beginning...
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