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Okay, to update-

My laptop kind of broke. Not really "broke", because there weren't any hard drive failures, and nothing is wrong with the motherboard, but the little charger slot has something loose in it, so I can't even start up the darn thing. It is really old in computer time, my dad got it in like, 2004 or earlier, but when he gave it to me he had our computer guy rev it up a little with a 70 GB memory (little to nothing compared to my brother's laptop, which came with a 500 GB one he bought for 500 bucks). Really, really sad, because I had like, three stories on there I've been dying recently to work on. Oh, and I had Sims 2 on there.

Summer Vacation-squee! So far I've only had contact with my close friends that go to my school.

I read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1-3 in my time of no-story, and I got to say, I am really disappointed. The first book I fell in love with, the second I thought was dragging, and I almost hated the third. The only reason I "hated" the second was because Bailey died, and she wasn't even mentioned until the middle. The middle! She freaking died! What is she, an afterthought?
"Wait, am I missing something? Bailey? Oh, that girl that died! Well, I can squeeze her in here... perfect!"

Well, that's it! Oh, and I have this really awesome idea for a horror story, but I need to know how to make it less... horror movie contestant.
It'll be about this couple that really wants a baby, so they try any means necessary to get pregnant. They go to a witch doctor, and the doctor curses the child. The baby is born, and it turns out the child is a viscous cannibal. Suggestions would be appreciated. And if this seems like something you would read, let me know. Ciao!
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