Oliver Twist...The Gritty Reboot! (OLIVER TWIST SPOILERS!!!)

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Yesterday, I got an email from Gamefly that stated that my first game I ordered, Alice: The Madness Returns was being shipped.

Basically, the game is a gritty spin-off of Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland and Alice: Through The Looking Glass.

I don’t know why, but I just love those kind of gritty reboots of classics. Know what other gritty reboot they could do? Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I even did a little art on MS Paint.


Pretty cool, huh?

I’m not sure of the premises though. All I know is that in this hypothetical gritty videogame reboot, you’d play as Oliver Twist himself…only instead of watching him cry and be miserable 99% of the time, you’d be killing everyone that had wronged him. What he lacks in physical strength (as he’s, what? Ten?) He excels in cunning, stealth, and tactics. No hesitation, no mercy.

His first victim? That guy in the orphanage that beat him because the kid “wanted some more food”. Then followed by Bill Sikes and Fagin and Monks who are all trying to keep Oliver from his family fortune.


That would make an epic gritty reboot! The corruption of the poor house business, etc.

Of course, someone would have take this little ten-year-old SOB down, right? So…maybe reports go to Queen Victoria that some little orphaned boy is running around London killing people and is threatening to destabilize her rule.

What is she going to do? Send an agent to take him down and fast!! Since he shows no mercy to his victims, the agent must not show mercy to him.

Hmmm...I wonder if someone should write this. Would anyone object to someone taking the themes of poorhousing corruption and injecting assassins into it by turning wee lil' Oliver Twist into a cold-blooded killer??

Oh, and the game will have to be set in an exact replica of 1830s London, England, not a building misidentified or misplaced because I'm hopelessly OCD like that.
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