Only this last time..

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I look at him sitting in his comfortable chair
Half-open window
View wandering through two glass planes
Gray hair refuses bright moon
Rays as to create some elongated halo that runs along his head
Hums quietly
Folding his hands on his knees following the rhythm of the song
Eyes closed, just a quick soon spasm of eyebrows in the rush of memories
He sometimes raises his hand to touch his face..
To recall how years behind had left the trail..
Song cease to exist as he breathe
And his breath turns to vapor..
But no, he isn't cold.
His body is there, but his thoughts, his thoughts are far away in another place
Soft wind caressed his face, but he does not feel
And he let's go, memories hug him
Stronger hand-grip
Leaning in the corner of the room, a small patched puppet
He has it in his mind, but his body is too tired
Suddenly mild-wind gust awakes him
He opens his eyes, gets up, raising his head
Steps quietly steps toward the doll
Holding to a small cradle an slowly sit down next to the doll
He whispered something and then closed his eyes..
Your safe in my heart..

I have written this story for a boy I knew. He loved me and never said anything bad about me. Sometimes I despited him, took him for granted.. But I always loved him. I think he knew that. I still do love him. It's just I miss him so much, wishing him back.

-When I wrote this I didn't cry. No, I closed my eyes and in one quick sigh- smiled.

"He brought you something special when he came here, didn't he? That's what you hold onto. That's how you keep him alive."
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