GrahamLewis Apr 6, 2020
Good points, every one.

I have what might be a bit different perspective, from the dim mists of the 20th Century. In 1981 I was working for a federal agency, in a program that served low-income, primarily minority, people. I was one of the few white folks working there. In March of that year news broke that someone had shot Ronald Reagan, and no one knew his condition. Aside from the expected general concern, a few of my minority co-worker friends mentioned how relieved they were that the would-be assassin was Caucasian. I could and can only imagine what it must be like to grow up so much on the fringe of "mainstream" America that worry about generalized racial retaliation would be an issue of concern; whereas for me fact that Hinckley was white seemed irrelevant -- though, truth be told, I sometimes wonder how I might have reacted to a minority assassin.
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