part 3!

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When cartman awoke the man was stanind over him brething loudly, with a brass mock bone. It has stanied blood at one end, and was rusting. The man noticed Cartman was up, he smiled and walked over to his chair placing the bone in his hand on a holder on the shelf to his right. Cartman eyed the bone for a while with disgust before the man started to talk. The man’s smile turned to a grin,”don’t bother reaching for it, your arms are broken. Trust me, im a doctor.”
Cratman noticed the man was right, his arm was stinging with pain. “ Now that your up, we might as well continue our wonderfull conversation we were having before!” Cartmans face acted as if a tidal wave of confusion hit, he tried to talk but no words could come out. “now then Cartman, tell me have you ever killed?”

Now shock hit his face mixing with the confusion. “have I, of course not why would I kill something?”

“oh, your saying you have never crushed a ant beneath your heels, or a spider. Its all the same, you see.”

“whats all the same?”

“killing, or as you may say, murder. Find someone random that’s what I say, no reason to be tied down with the burden of guilt. Just like an ant, simply stamp it out! Though of course you have to make some fun out of it, just simply pulling out a gun is no fun, why not some strange never thought of kill! Make it interesting, how should I finish him off this time! You see, it can be fun to not that dreary murder you may think of. Real murder is fun and exciting, it should give you some reason to get up in the morning! But of course you would know nothing of that or do you, I must ask again have you ever killed anything, or even thought of it?” The man put his hand on his chin and continued to smile.

Cartman was shocked he could not belive what he heard. All he could muster was a “no.”

“Not even once, not even a thought?”

“Never you insane man.” Cartman managed to say, he knew that he was wrong. He had imagined what it would be like, but who hasent, is it not normal nature to wonder about the
un-known? Cartman still said nothing to try to stem this conversation.

The man started to laugh. “really! Cartman my dear old boy, I am no fool! To say no to such a question is to admit you have gone against human imagination, if not human nature! Cartman no reason to pretend it never happened, just say it out loud like I do! Of course you think that to admit such a thing is to be sick and twisted! I say no to such dastardly assumptions! It is not so, it is great! Prove you are no long a child, and step into the relm of men! Explore, no longer question what you do, instead take the route you took head on and with no remorse! ”

Cartman was struck down by the stateman made by the man. He looked around examining the room while the man was laughing. He could see the room in detail, as it was now fully lit. It was a hexagonal room, all of its sides were lined with book casses filled to the brim with books seemingly to be hundreds of years old. On top of the brown and well kept book cases were deisplay stands and cases filled with native american objetcs and pictures. Though the wall were gray he did notice a large picture of a desert with a few distant houses, behind were the man was sitting. The only door and way out of the room was to the right of the picture it was a nice red wodden door with a painting of a tiger up and down it. Cartman himself was on the floor in the middle of the room on a long multi colored woven carpet.

“who are you?” Cartman asked in a feeverish tone

“who am i? I will tell you who I am. Or will I? You see it doesn’t matter who I am because you’ll never be getting out of here Cartman. Thus there is no reason to know who I am! I bet you all ready figured it out, but incase you havent noticed its now out there, wash it around in your brain some and make sure you get it! Will you die, of course! But how, that is still to be deicided will it be soon no, and you will wait and wait, but it will come I assure you it will come! Now don’t cry my dear boy, it will be fun, it will be grand!” The man was laughing again, his fat rolling around him like sludge. On the floor was Cartman starring in utter fear at the mad man before him.
The man still lauging got up and went to the door turned around and laughed ”good day to you sir, make sure you don’t brake anything before I see you tommorrow!” With that he left, and cartman could here the chink of the door being locked behind him.

On the floor lay Cartman his scared face turned to saddness as hes started toweap, the sweat ran down his fore head bondong with the tears running out of his eyes. His eyes looked down from the door and looked at the carpet, what was he to do? His legs were useless he couldn’t out run anything, maybe he could pick the lock to the door when the man was asleep! Cartman made a weak smile as he thought of it. He could escape during the night when the man was asleep using the brass mock bone as support for a leg he could possibly get out with his life. Nothing to do but wait, he used his elbows to move himself in front of the door and looked at the big picture more closley. It had a nice red frame, it was deffinatley in a desert. Small bushes littered the lanscape in neat rows while, on a bottom of a hill a small village of white houses with orange roofs could be seen. Behind the hill were 2 tall dark red mesas looking like castles in the otherwise empty landscape towering above the village.

hopefully its getting darker but not childish
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