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The music pulsed all around her and its beat pounded in her skull. The club was packed and drinks were half-price for the next hour. Tom was roaring drunk, not to mention actually roaring. Apparently he was a lion at the moment, or at least he seemed to feel the need to act like one. The brunette-blond girl in a short tight dress was obviously drunk enough to be impressed by his roaring lion impression; either that or she was simply hysterically laughing for no real reason whatsoever.

Matt was at the bar taking advantage of the half-price drinks by getting another round. Jess was flirting with some guy with a Chinese symbol tattooed on his neck. Katie and Jordan were on the dance floor and looked like they thought no one could see what they were actually doing on the dance floor. And Terry and Scott were yelling drunkenly at the T.V. about some sort of uncalled penalty in the game.

Sara couldn’t believe that she had agreed to come out with everyone tonight. She’d had a long day and she wasn’t really the party-animal type to start with. She loved dancing, but nowadays most people seemed to think that dancing was nothing more than foreplay. Then there was the fact that Sara had never really enjoyed dancing with a drink in her hand.

The music was so incredibly loud. And all the yelling idiots weren’t too quiet themselves. People kept stumbling into her and she’d spilled more of her drink than she’d drank of it. It was hot and humid and the place smelled pretty disgusting at the moment. All she wanted to do was go home, have a shower and go to sleep.

Sara just didn’t understand how any of this was considered fun. All of the people that she’d come with were off doing something stupid and that they would regret within a couple of hours. Also with all the cell phones around, no one would be able to forget what happened tonight no matter how much they might want to later.

With this thought in mind, Sara’s phone beeped with a new text message. It took her a minute or two to try and decipher the nonsense that Jess had just sent her. Man, but she hated the T9 application. It was especially sucked when the “text-er” was completely smashed and the “text-ee” was stone sober. Finally managing to work out the jumble of letters, numbers and random punctuation, Sara realized that Jess had just managed to get Chinese-tattoo-guy’s number. Wow.

Sara looked down at the drink in her hand. She didn’t even really like drinking; alcohol tasted awful. Forget this, she thought, I’m getting out of here. She texted back to Jess saying good luck with the tattoo guy and that she was heading out. Next she waved to Katie and Jordan, not that they noticed. She had to yell three times at Tom that she was leaving before he nodded although whether or not he actually got the message she neither knew nor cared. Lastly she grabbed Terry’s arm and motioned towards the door. He tried to grab her to make her stay, but obviously his depth perception was a little off. He accidently punched the guy next to him in the arm and that started another roaring match.

Before she got roped into a stupid fight, Sara turned and walked out the door. A line of taxis were idling next to the curb and she climbed into the back of the closest one. She gave her address to the cabbie and they set off into traffic. Her phone went off again and it was a text from Katie asking where she’d gone. Sara didn’t respond; Katie wouldn’t notice anyway. There would probably be some fallout tomorrow but it would be minor. After all everyone knew that Sara wasn’t the partying type.

Sadly for Sara, none of them understand why that was.
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