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I'm thinking of using this space as a repository of personal research and resources lists.

My first entry will be on characters

Basic Character Card:
Name: ___________
Age _____
Height______ Tall? Short? Average?
Weight_____ Fat? Skinny? Pot bellied? Athletic? Muscular?
Hair color_______
Hair Length______ Crew cut? Short? Ducktail? Ponytail? Bald? Wig?
Hair Style_______Messy? Neat? Greasy? Well groomed? Hair sprayed? Straight? Thick? Wavy? Frizzed? Natural curls? Permed? Curls? Dreadlocks? Faux hawk? Spiked? Pig Tails?
Hair Texture__________ Course? Fine? Kinky?
Facial and body hair_________ Sideburns? Bangs? Beard? Mustache? Back hair? Arm hair? Nose hair?
Eye color________
Eyes ___________ Too close together? Crossed? Lazy? Large? Popeyed? Bloodshot? Almond? Glasses? Eyelashes?
Eyebrows_________ Full? Thick? Thin? Fair? Dark? Bushy? Wide spread? Connect in the middle? Pierced?
Skin color________
Skin_____________ Flabby? Wrinkled? Acne? Scaly? Soft? Shiny? Birthmark? Tattoos? Scars? Body piercings?
Ears __________ Small? Large? Stick out? Ear rings? Hairy?
Brow ___________ Broad? Small? Wrinkled? Furrowed?
Cheeks_______ Rosy? High bones? Hollowed out? Dimpled? Pimples?
Nose____________ Does it turn up? Is it broad? Flat? Skinny & straight? Hooked? Crooked? Nose rings?
Lips _____________Narrow? Full? Pale? Painted? Pierced?
Teeth___________Missing? Bucked? Yellow? Scummy? Straight? White? Gapped? Crooked? Rotted?
Chin_____________Does it jet out? Doubled? No chin? Square? Does it have a cleft?
Legs_______ Fat? Skinny? Long? Short? Bowed? Fat at the top? Dimpled? Knock knees?
Hips_______ Round? Bony? Tight? Fat? Flabby? Wiggly?
Stomach________ Flat? Flabby? Rolls? Pudgy? Protruding? Jiggles?
Chest ________ Flat? Muscular? Large? Hairy?

Take the time to write down a description of each character in your book. Make a note of every detail. Not only your characters physical looks like, height, weight, skin color, hair, posture, but what things they like? What do they wear? Write down everything, even their underwear. What are their favorite foods? How do they smell? Do your characters have any special skills, talents or unusual habits? What about their voice? Do some speak with an accent, stutter, use big words, etc.? What do they hate, love, want desire? Include obsessions, fears, and aversions, traits found far beneath what the other characters in the book may perceive or understand. Even if some of the features you write down never see the light of day, it will help you understand your characters better and make each one unique, which is a good thing for your readers.

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