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Please. Help me...advice needed

Published by tarnished in the blog tarnished's blog. Views: 127

You never know what you got till its gone.

Oldest saying alive.

And its completely true.

I'm 15. I used to live in a suburban, quiet town with several groups of friends. I had one group who was a little immature but fun. I ha one group of friends who was more mature and we were popular throughout the school but that didn't matter. We could care less, we're just us.

I now live in the city, near boston. I'm a relatively tough kid and I've been in a few fights. I know how to handle myself but I have a soft side. I'm also secretly really emotional.

Everyone here is having sex and doing drugs. Everyone here is worried about being tough, or cool, or whatever. I hate it. I fit in ok, I have a group of friends who I kinda like and its an ok life. I live with my aunt and uncle and mom while my dad stays in the suburban town. I have the option of moving in with him but I think it would kill my mom to hear that I want to.

I miss playing tackle football in the snow at the park. I miss having sleepovers and watching movies till 4 am. I miss not talking about how wasted so and so was, and what type of weed is out there. I miss having honest friends.

I'm in an impossible situation and i think I'm slowly going insane here. I feel trapped and I really want to move back.

Any advice on how to handle this?
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