Poem for weekly contest #1

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We had to use the three words "Halloween", "guileless", and "rapture" and if possible an extra credit word "sanguine".


A smother of flittering leathery wings
fills this vast hall, and it echoes now with minute squeaking voices.
Frosty air moistens the marbled walls
and a single sliver of wan starlight strikes the cold floor
announcing the great feast; a screech owl's call
quickens our silent steps, and all
hasten out to Hallowe'en.

The hamlet rustles, a busy hive.
Wavering sparks of orange light and guileless childish voices
enliven the chilly winding streets.
And we listen, and our eyes meet
in noiseless laughter.

The moon lies low and listless, soon to set.
Without haste I cross fields; the shining furrows
and frost-spangled pumpkins with their withered vines
delight my vision.
Who will remain once the dark settles?
The wary quick will huddle by fire and kettle
hackles erect, eyes wide with comic fear
to hear tales of Samhain past.
Foolhardy handsome drunken knave!
join our dance of sanguine rapture.

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