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Points of View

Published by Annûniel in the blog A Tale Told by an Idiot. Views: 96

Sometimes, while writing my novel, I notice that certain scenes are very difficult to write. They feel forced, like they don't really belong in the story. I didn't notice it until the other day that these scenes all have one thing in common: they are told through the point of view of certain characters.

The story is trying to tell me that these characters shouldn't have their point of views narrated. I realized that I should probably limit it to three characters. I have half a dozen main characters and trying to give them all narrative time seems to be taking away from the story. So I suppose I have limited the number of protagonists to three. I still consider the other characters to be important enough to be called "main," however.

In the sequel to this novel, I think the point of view will shift to three other characters. This leaves one character without ever narrating the story. I wonder if that's because he always seems to be an enigma...

This realization really helped me become more creative. Now if only I can solve this problem with connecting the dots in the plot that cropped up recently...
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