Policy of Truth

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I think by now
I have changed
enough to have a simple
request to require the
policy of truth

I always admired those
who told me the
who stood by their
words and made
promises they could

She promised she'd be
there and yet whenever
we have any dispute she
is never there
Does that mean she doesn't
love me as much as she says?

They promised they'd
listen to me, but they
Does that mean they
are in denial?

Who truly understands
their mistakes?
Why can't those who
are present a differing
view simply think for
a second maybe
just a second that
they are wrong?

Or maybe not
that are in the wrong
but simply that they
aren't listening
that they have made

Why can't she realize
that I too am a human
Why can't she see her
own words?
I'm nothing like
those men

And if that is the
case wouldn't it
be better that she
realized that my views
and my opinions are
different from those

Why shouldn't she
be more aware on
what I think?

At some point she
needs to tell me the truth
to require her policy
of truth
It hurts more when she
runs away

It hurts more when she
Just take the policy of
Tell me everything
So we can settle
it forever

Why can't they understand
that they have made mistakes?

It hurts more to know
that I will be punished for
my thoughts and my opinions
It hurts more to know that
even though I have made
some wrong things in my life
but sometimes I make the right

Can't they create a policy of truth
and apologize for the things
they have done to me
Tell me that they were wrong

Without the policy of truth
I began to lose faith in
I want to know
I don't like people
hiding behind the

Just tell me the truth
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