Procrastination, Such an Aggravation **Adult language

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Seriously, why procrastinate? As applied to on-line classes, procrastination not only hurts you, but your classmates as well. When a deadline for an interactive assignment is set for say, Sunday, and you wait until Sunday to post your original argument, you aren't giving any of the other class members enough time to form a proper rebuttal- in turn, causing everyone else to haunt the discussion boards up until the very last minute- causing everyone to lose precious hours of sleep when it boils down to this: DO YOUR WORK, and DO IT EARLY. Damnit.

My apologies to anyone who reads this, who may also be a procrastinator. I'm not 100% motivated 100% of the time, and do enjoy putting things off until a day or so before it absolutely needs doing, but still. When it comes to class work, I like to get things done on time, or early if possible, because I have several other classes that require the same level of diligence and if I slack in one, I slack in all. And slacking is just not acceptable. From the previous three semesters I've learned and had to be reminded that not everyone holds themselves to the same standards I hold myself to. I get that. Doesn't mean I have to f*cking agree with it. Damnit.

Sorry! #endrant
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