Progressive? I think not.

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This is a short item I posted on my personal website in the wake of Election Day in the United States.

Two days ago, America was patting itself proudly on the back for having overcome centuries of racism in electing its first African-American President.

Never mind that not one news story before or after the election has failed to mention his race. His campaign may not have been run on a race ticket, although I have to wonder whether the frequency he insisted that race was not an issue made certain that no one could forget it. We have not advanced so far as a nation that race is no more significant than height or hair color.

And while we were so proudly celebrating our enlightened state, Californians were taking a long stride backwards into intolerance. Proposition 8 ripped the right to marry from same-sex couples. What harm does same-sex marriage threaten to traditional marriage? Marriage under the law has little connection to marriage within any religion. Just as a religion may not recognize a second marriage as valid, that same religion need not recognize gay unions. So where is the threat to religion, unless that faith insists its practitioners control those outside their faith?

I am not gay. I have no personal axe to grind. Nevertheless, I am deeply, profoundly ashamed.
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