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Push the Edge

Published by Em_Anders in the blog Em_Anders's blog. Views: 204

Slowly but surely I seem to be building the confidence needed to post fragments of things I've written, to allow myself the criticism necessary to grow and further develop myself as a writer.

Here is a poem I wrote a few months ago that is very near and dear to me. It underwent only one revision as the words my heart wanted to speak were not willing to be altered (much).

As always, opinions and criticism, critiques and suggestions are welcome, and enjoy =)

Push the Edge

Standing toe to toe at the edge of the world
So much in time was left raw and unfurled
Broken dreams made uncertain sorrows
Binding arms blocked heart aimed arrows
Turning away only to get turned around
The memories returned an echoing sound
Simpler days spawned the hardest nights
Shadowy skies tangling grounded kites
Leaving the thickest scars I painfully trace
Living that demands the sight of your face
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